The Gratefulness Series

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January 2012

Not on my watch…

Today’s posting is really about me being grateful for not having to buy my brother a $5 coffee card.  I am truly grateful for all of the opportunities that the good lord and life have presented to me; but you have… Continue Reading →

One More Time

I am grateful for the limitless wonder… Last night was sleepless, my mind wandering into dark alleys and chaotic scenarios of horror and madness. And through (most of) it, I breathed and found peace. I’d like to think there is… Continue Reading →

Love, love, love…..

Well once again, I am at a loss of ideas on what I should write about…  what am I grateful for?  I am grateful for Love!  I am grateful that I have known and loved so many friends in my… Continue Reading →

breathe through it

Oh… yeah. Times is getting real, yeah? It ain’t no thing for a player to git hit hard and find themselves facing mud like Yertle the Turtle… not an easy thing to be facing when one was so used to… Continue Reading →

From Deep in the Ground

Well, this is, for all practical purposes, the first post of the year for me. In fact, it is the first post in some time… What? “What’s that?”, you say. “You’ve had many other posts recently. You just did one… Continue Reading →

Music is ….

Today I am grateful for music.   All kinds of music.  I like most of it.  Driving to work everyday, working in my office or working around the house, I love listening to music.  If you really want to dig deep,… Continue Reading →

Free Ride

What am I grateful for today, right now… this moment? That I am enjoying the second week of two weeks off. It is an amazing aspect of being a independent contractor that one has to really make a commitment to… Continue Reading →

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