I got lucky today ~ which I suppose is another thing to be grateful for…

Today is Bodhi’s birthday – and I am sooo grateful that I am in her life as her father. She is a bright joy in my world; watching her grow is pure pleasure.

She has a fortitude that is a wonder; unswayed and strong she gracefully moves to her goals. She is simple, as in clear. What is she asking Santa for? A bag of cookies. What did she want for her birthday? Breakfast at Mama’s Royal Cafe (in Mill Valley) and to do something fun, like go to a museum or the exploritorium— or ice skating maybe.

Her sister’s school has many events planned for the day. Not a problem, she’ll do that, too. She’d rather have a story read to her then watch TV, play a board game over TV… just about anything over TV.

I love her. She is beautiful. And I am grateful for her presence.