If you had asked me this morning what I am grateful for, I would have told you, not the wind.  I had to fish out of the swimming pool this morning a half full trash can, the trash that floated out of the can, a couple of deck chairs and the  blanket that my wife had put over here bushes, so that they wouldn’t freeze.  Tonight however I am looking at the swimming pool, through the window and the wind is creating ripples that has the lights reflection dancing on the water.  It is very beautiful; and so for that I am grateful.  This past weekend I had four days off from work.  It was great!  I was able to accomplish some chores that I wanted to get done, I watched a lot of football and I relaxed quite a bit as well.  I am pretty confident that I will not be bored, if I ever retire.  Can I be grateful for that as well?

Last night I had a wonderful dream; one that I enjoyed so much that I chose to continue sleeping, rather than wake up and get ready for work.  I am usually the first person out of the house in the morning, today, I was the last.  I am grateful for that as well.  Grateful that I am able to enjoy my sleep and that I am able to sleep in, if needed.

Nick Lowe – So it goes