Today I was listening to music as I was driving home and a Hank Williams, Jr. song came on, that had me thinking about the American Dream.  What is the American Dream?  A large house with two Mercedes or Porche’s parked in the three car garage, with a Hawaiian vacation every year.  I don’t know.  How about just having a roof over our heads, with transportation to get us where ever we need to go, food to eat and a healthy, happy family.  Would I like to see multi-millions of dollars in my bank account?  Absolutely!!!  There would be a lot of people that would benefit from that, myself and my family included; but what really matters is that my family is healthy, happy and that we enjoy most of our time together.

I think that most people who live in the oppressed parts of the world, would say that the American Dream is the freedom that we all enjoy, everyday.  The freedom to choose how we will live our lives.  What religion that we want to believe in, what we do to receive an income, where we choose to reside.  These are all of our freedom’s!

If you say that you are not living where you want to live, or that you are not receiving the income that you would like, from the career that you want; then I say to you, that you are wrong.  You are receiving, exactly what you have chosen for yourself, right now at this moment.  You can also choose to change your environment as well as your life.  That is one of the freedoms awarded to you, when you live in America.

God Bless America!  I am living the Dream!  For this, I am grateful!