Aunt Hilda

It has taken me a while to find the song befitting of tonight’s post. Yet, having found it, it is a more perfect fit then I imagined – or have happened upon in a while.

Today, my Great Aunt, my children’s Great Great Aunt, my Mother’s Aunt… a couple of months short of one-hundred and four years old… released her grip that she has held so tightly for so long, and slipped off to the other side of the veil.

If you ever met her, you’d know why the song choice this evening. She was sharp. She was kind. She was brave.

Sharp: She greeted my children by name when we would visit. And on rare occasions when it would just be me visiting, she’d ask, “Where is Robyn? Where is Jonah? Where is Bodhi?” To the end, her mind remained as cognizant as the day I met her almost fifty years ago.

Kind: Always a kind word, a laugh and a smile for the young ones around her—and we were all young ones around her. Always time to send a birthday card… a greeting—something to let you know you were in her thoughts.

Brave: Aunt Hilda conversed with a “cracking” voice, a physical set-back from a debilitating disease she got at a very young age. (I forget the name; it was often fatal when she contracted it.) I never saw her make a choice of holding back from social occasions due to age or physical constraints. And, as she once said, getting old is not for the meek.

And Grace… A way in which she lived her life—the way in which she left it.

Aunt Hilda Stark – Beloved Sister, Aunt & Friend – Elder Matriarch
1908 – November 23, 2011