I have a son who is a senior in High School this year and he may be a senior in High School next year as well.  It will depend on how hard he wants to work the rest of this year towards the goal of graduating with his class.  As frustrating as this is for his mother and I, it is his choice.  I was talking about this with my brother today; and how as I parent my son, I have some thoughts of “wow, I sound like my father”.  Greg wanted to know if that was a good thing or not?  It is a good thing.  I loved my father and he and I had a great relationship.  He always encouraged me to go to school and get educated; and to that point, he encouraged me to be me.

I am grateful for the talks that my brother and I have, I am grateful for the way that my parents raised me, ( I may have resisted it back then); and I am grateful for the family that I have now, my wife and children.  I truly am enjoying all of my experiences and memories.  Everyday, I am enjoying LIFE!  For this, I am grateful.