Joe Walsh kind of does the reverse, positive / negative, thing.  “My Maserati does 185, I lost my license, now I don’t drive”, but he still gets around town, because he rides in the back of a limo.  Anyway, for him, life has been good so far.  As it has for me!  There are moments of my life, that I wonder if they really existed.  There are days that I wonder, what happened to that young man, who used to live on the beach at Crystal Cove?  I am still here, except now I live in Northern California, surrounded by vineyards and a wonderful family.  Do I wish that I was still living on the beach?  Yep; but living in a beautiful house, surrounded by grape vines, isn’t too bad either.  I can tell you that I really do not care for farm animals; but I don’t mind the fresh eggs in the morning.  Life has been good so far.

I am grateful for the  knowledge that a positive mind is a powerful tool.  It really is.  I had written more, but it some how was deleted.  What is so positive about that?  I when it deleted, I looked at the clock and realized that it is time for me to go pick up my son.  So what?  Now I won’t be late picking him up.

Stay positive!  Life prevails.