The Gratefulness Series

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October 2011

By the pricking of my thumb…

Of course, today is easy. I am grateful for Halloween! What a wonderful, crazy night—where it is said that the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest… thus all manner of beast, goblin and demon can… Continue Reading →

“Life’s been good so far”

Joe Walsh kind of does the reverse, positive / negative, thing.  “My Maserati does 185, I lost my license, now I don’t drive”, but he still gets around town, because he rides in the back of a limo.  Anyway, for… Continue Reading →

The Mark & Brian Show

Well, today is a bit easy… you see, I like listening to podcasts while working—I’ve got a ton of music that I could listen to; and sometimes do. But mostly I listen to a few podcasts that I am “addicted… Continue Reading →

“No Sugar in my Coffee; No Sugar in my Tea….”

Today I am grateful that my brother Greg and I have made an accountability pact with each other.  It is not because I drink a lot of coffee from Starbuck’s or Peet’s, that I am grateful for this pact; but… Continue Reading →

I have fallen and I can get up

I fell, in my opinion, pretty hard last week. Didn’t accomplish all I set out to do. Didn’t put time into stand-up… wasn’t feeling on top of my game. I suppose, that I rarely feel on top of my game—because… Continue Reading →

My Family…experiences

I have a son who is a senior in High School this year and he may be a senior in High School next year as well.  It will depend on how hard he wants to work the rest of this… Continue Reading →

smooth like that

my body opens up glistening in moonlight i softly resume the nature of endurance i am the peace of waves upon waves lapping on shores of moving sands i am waiting like nectar for a butterfly your nectar in the… Continue Reading →

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