This week at work we had our annual physical inventory.  It officially began on Thursday, so I arrived at work at 6 a.m and after standing in the warehouse and counting product all day, I left my office around 7 p.m..  As I pulled out of the driveway at work, I called the house and spoke to my daughter, asking her to turn the spa on for me (you would think that a person who works for the largest pool supply company in the world, would have some type of equipment to do this himself from his phone.  I don’t.)  When I arrived at home, the outside temperature was still in the upper 80’s.  I changed into a swimsuit, grabbed a cold beer and stepped into sure heaven.  I spent the next 30 minutes or so pounding my aching back with jets designed especially for me, watching satellites pass over-head.  It was GREAT!  Eventually my wife joined me and we enjoyed the conversation and the hot water and jets… I enjoyed another beer as well.

So I am so grateful that my wife and I had the pool designed and built several years ago.  I am grateful that we made sure that it had a spa, with one seat specifically designed for me, with double jets.  I am absolutely grateful that my daughter answered the phone and turned the spa on for me, this past Thursday night.  Thank you, sweetie!