Last night, due to commitment, accountability and support, I had agreed to go to an open-mic comedy night and get up on stage. There’s a great one on Clement Street at the Rockit Room, hosted by Danny Dechi.

I got there late. I signed up. I was number 30 out of 30. This means that most people will have left and I’ll get on stage somewhere around 11:30PM. I had work to do back at home and I started thinking that the wisest choice for me was to scratch my name, go back home… and take a lesson well learned for getting there early for a better sign-up in the future.

Of course, I debated this choice quite a bit. I thought I better get outside opinions instead of just running scenarios through the “maze of mind”—which most likely would go on forever, grow in stature and chaos and never reach any conclusion.

So I called three people; two close friends and my brother.

Wisely, they pointed out that nothing could take the place of getting up on stage… and if I started letting great reasons take the place of actually getting up on the stage, I’d soon find myself with a backlog of excuses and lacking in stage time.

Okay; I heard them.

I went back to the club. Enjoyed an evening of open mic comedy. Got more and more nervous as my time approached—and bombed when my time arrived. Well, I got one good laugh—so not a complete bomb. I think my first time up there was better than last night, though.


I did it. And I feel good about that. And it does fell real that if I want to realize this potential dream, then I need to do it. There will always be many good reasons to choose from for not doing it; all valid. There is just one reason to do it. Because I want to.


From past experience, I do not think I would be so prone to do it if not for the support of my friends and family that I am in constant communication with… like-minded people who know and support my goals and dreams; encouraging me to pursue them. I hope (and believe) that I am returning the favor to them…

A favor that I am very grateful for.