Today, I am grateful for smiles. They lift and heal. They bring the impossible dreams of peace to earth and make them real. A smile lightens the heaviest of loads; eases the greatest of burdens—heals shattered hearts and broken spirits.

Ah yes, for shattered we are at times… Sha-doobee.

And how easy it can happen; any given moment… in the darkness of anger we can let it all go and smile. Maybe it is just a crack on the surface; without any felt depth, the faintest turning up of the lips. A breath; or two. Letting go a little more… we spread out our wings—beautiful plumage feathering out from the depths of our soul… and the light within grows and spreads outward, radiating and lifting all around… sparking further smiles.

And we soar on the wings of Love; cliche, perhaps – yet true.

And with Love, all things ARE possible.

Whether from a stranger, a babe, family or friends—the value is equal. Yes, a smile is an equalizer—and the truth of our equality is… well, it is quite a beautiful thing.

“And I think to myself…”