Have you ever thought about how your thoughts can effect your life?  You wake up and it is pouring rain and you have to walk to the bus stop, stand and wait for the bus, just so that you can go work for 8 or 10 hours; and then do the reverse to get home.  A pretty miserable day right?  Or is God washing away the dirt and the grime, so that when the rain stops and the sun shines, you have a beautiful walk to the bus stop and the flowers leave a heavy perfume in the air.  It is however you think it is.  Your day can begin as miserable and will probably be miserable the whole day or you can think that it is another great day… and so it is.

Your thoughts create your power to control your life.  I am so grateful that I have learned this lesson.  I think that my parents tried to teach it to me when I was younger.  Just think what you can accomplish is you actually listened to your parents.