Sometimes I just don’t know what to write. I have plenty that I am grateful for.

  • my endless desire to discover the Truth
  • peaceful quiet
  • my friends
  • Mark & Brian show on KLOS
  • sleep
  • blue skies on a sunny day
  • Jackson 5

It is just that I am not overly inspired to write about any of it… in fact, the one item I was going to write about, “Peaceful place within/peaceful feeling”, kind of dissipates when I attempt to put it into words. I suppose I am grateful for that which can not be put into words.

There is a quiet calm – and when I attempt to “tune into it”, it fades into the background behind the thoughts attempt to hone in on it.

Last week, an interesting idea was introduced to me. The ability to tap in to the “elder” in my life that is the calming reassuring voice within me. Letting me know that all is going to be alright. Don’t fret about the future.

The elder is from my future and thus knows that it is alright. The elder has already gone through the trials and insurmountable hurdles before me and knows that “we” make it through.

It is a part of the calmness within… I believe that we all can sense this “voice”; an awareness that the future is not to be fretted because we make it alright.

Hmmmm…. I wonder if my brother and I should add a word count to our blogging agreement.