The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


August 2011


Today, I am grateful for smiles. They lift and heal. They bring the impossible dreams of peace to earth and make them real. A smile lightens the heaviest of loads; eases the greatest of burdens—heals shattered hearts and broken spirits…. Continue Reading →

Ask and you shall receive….

I just found out yesterday that my nephew Cole has been completely cleared by the neurology board and the head neurologist from UCSF.  What was seen on his MRI is just scar tissue and therefore he doesn’t need to have… Continue Reading →

And so there it is…

Much like my brother, I don’t really know what to write about today, that you haven’t already read.  I am grateful for so many things:  the family and friends that I have, the house and property in which we live, the… Continue Reading →

Don’t know… so

Sometimes I just don’t know what to write. I have plenty that I am grateful for. my endless desire to discover the Truth peaceful quiet my friends Mark & Brian show on KLOS sleep blue skies on a sunny day… Continue Reading →

Do you have passion?

Last week, while trying to watch a meteor shower under a full moon, I realized what my life’s passion is.  I truly enjoy helping people fulfill their passion’s.  I enjoy helping companies progress in their efficiencies, making them more profitable. … Continue Reading →

Love + One = Another

Hmmmm… the truth is, sometimes I find it quite painful to be alive. And I know rain brings growth; and it is dark when it rains—and it can be stormy. loud. crashing. dissonant. I am on the edge of the… Continue Reading →

Positives Attract

Have you ever thought about how your thoughts can effect your life?  You wake up and it is pouring rain and you have to walk to the bus stop, stand and wait for the bus, just so that you can… Continue Reading →

And you know it don’t come easy

Some days begin and it is not always so easy to find something to be grateful for. I am having such a morning right now. I am not happy with my progress yesterday with the work I have before me;… Continue Reading →

For being Alive

Today, I am grateful for so much. Today is my birthday… I am forty-nine today. I approach the curve in the road ahead with ease and excitement – and a little trepidation. The bend that turns the direction in which… Continue Reading →

The Golden State

Well this week I finally caved into my wife and daughter; they have been hounding me for the past 4 years to take them to Yosemite.  I  wanted to go to Southern California and just hang out at Crystal Cove,… Continue Reading →

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