Oh, Ye of little faith
You would move more then mountains if you knew you could
You have tasted my flesh and drank my blood
Yet you know not what you digest
For the disease you believe to be real
Is only real because you believe it to be
It is your own evil that you possess yourself with
And upon my grave and furrowed brow
Is the gate that could swing open if you but gave it a push
Heed not the mournful cries
Look not upon the shadowed
Fear not yourself
Instead, raise yourself up to your full height
Let your Light fall before you
Illuminating your way
And I shall be there with you
We WILL walk together, parting darkness with each step
The echos of our course shall lighten others burden
And we will mend the ways of our past with the presence of our future

But until you believe, I am but a dream