It has been a long day… sometimes I am so very frustrated with my partnership I chose. It is not perfect; it frustrates me—did I say that already?

Hmmmm… We are so HUMAN! Not my beautiful life, wife, strife… and it isn’t quite what you might be thinking it is… it’s just that the golden dream, the vision held inside seems never to break free and become realized… well, that isn’t completely true either… it’s just that—I’m not the perfect being I want to be… I don’t spread joy and happiness in every given moment and don’t feel it in every given moment either.

And then it all breaks away… and suddenly, like a perfect slow-motion dive into crystal clear, blue waters-it is all perfect. And I feel Joy inside… and I think back to the beginning of the day—so long ago. A start after a restless night’s sleep with drama and escape… and a phone call with my nephew, Nate. And how his video inspired me; and his phone call inspired me.

And I thought of his life and who he is now… no golden highway upon which he rides; no silver spoon in the mouth of his infancy. And he strives everyday—to my knowledge—to step a little wiser. To be a bit better; a bit closer to the joyful dream(s) he holds within. And I like to imagine that he has his moments, when he steps up to the edge of the cliff—looking out over vast expanse of natural beauty, wind blowing fresh and crisp against his face… and he knows that it is going to be alright… because it already is. And with renewed strength, he comes back down the path which carried him so high above it all—re-enters the fray; the cluttered mass of humanity with thoughts and feelings crashing down about him. Egos and chaos vying for recognition. And he smiles and takes another step—reaching out to those around him when he can… and when he stumbles, he remembers that view from so high, so far away now—but not so far away that it cannot renew him yet once again…

And we step. One more step. One more day. And we are all equal. For we all walk to the completion of our journey…

“You’re gonna reap just what you sow…”

photos by Natron (my nephew, Nate)
song Lou Reed