Today I am grateful for baby steps.

It is good to know that it is okay to make progress slowly… in fact, it could be the preferred method. There is so much evidence that “haste makes waste”. It is rare to hear one remark, “In our haste, we found the perfect solution”.

No, slowly and surely wins the race. (And let’s not get into what we are racing for—that is an entirely different conversation.)

For me, today,part of my gratefulness is the forgiveness aspect of baby steps. I am making strides; sometimes they are quite small—and that is okay. In fact, perhaps preferred.

So I didn’t blog Monday and/or Wednesday. It is okay. I am blogging today.

So my brother hasn’t blogged this week. Well, you can damn betcha I am going to nail him for that! (Tha, that’s a joke, son.)

It is okay—we are all making progress… a little bit better then the day before. I think the challenge is to remain encouraged, and keep steppin’. Even if you’re not quite sure where you’re heading to.

It is all okay.

knowledge of song courtesy of my favorite blog, Derek’s Daily 45s