What do I feel grateful for today?

I feel like crap; achy, sneezing, sore throat… still a little sore from a minor surgery.

It is difficult to connect with gratefulness when my physical health feels low… And yet, I am reminded, what comes first? Is the biology merely reflecting the inner life and thoughts of a being?

Just last week I was telling people that I was consciously (to the best of my ability) exploring the cracked wasteland of my inner being. Ha ha. And now I feel I am embodying such a descriptive of myself.

Well, I am grateful for the sunshine—it was a beautiful day and the sunshine was warm and pleasant when I took the time to sit out in it.

I am grateful for music, especially Loreena McKennitt at the moment. And I am grateful for editing, because the rant I just deleted was going offend someone for sure… perhaps another time.

If I cough and/or sneeze one more time…