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July 2011

Baby Steps

Today I am grateful for baby steps. It is good to know that it is okay to make progress slowly… in fact, it could be the preferred method. There is so much evidence that “haste makes waste”. It is rare… Continue Reading →

Summer Time!

Call me crazy, but I like the heat!  It is wonderful to wake up in the morning, sit outside and watch the sun come up over the hills; unless I am on a beach, I think that I like the… Continue Reading →


This is going to be quick, because I’ve a lot to do yet and it is nearly midnight and I’d like to go to sleep… and like I said, still a lot to do before I nod off to sleep…… Continue Reading →

Ye Who Can Listen…

Oh, Ye of little faith You would move more then mountains if you knew you could You have tasted my flesh and drank my blood Yet you know not what you digest For the disease you believe to be real… Continue Reading →

Just blogging….

Freedom to move here and there, I come and go as I please. Sharing my life with my kids and friends; I choose not to sit on the sidelines. It is what I make it…and it is a wonderful life.


It has been a long day… sometimes I am so very frustrated with my partnership I chose. It is not perfect; it frustrates me—did I say that already? Hmmmm… We are so HUMAN! Not my beautiful life, wife, strife… and… Continue Reading →

Ah Choo!

What do I feel grateful for today? I feel like crap; achy, sneezing, sore throat… still a little sore from a minor surgery. It is difficult to connect with gratefulness when my physical health feels low… And yet, I am… Continue Reading →

what to do?

words of wisdom

I am grateful for the words of wisdom that resonate and move my energy towards Joy… “When people see some things as beautiful, other things become ugly. When people see some things as good, other things become bad.” It is… Continue Reading →

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