(i recommend playing Elton’s song below while reading this 🙂 )

Tonight’s yoga class had a theme… they often do—but tonight’s was meaningful and hopeful for me. It was about adapting.

Our teacher (my teacher?), Michele Klink, just returned from Joshua Tree National Park. She spoke of how apparent it was that Nature adapted to any environment—no matter how extreme. And she continued on, speaking of how we human beings, also, adapted to extremes… always to the “highest good”.

And, I have read, that there is nothing for us human beings to do for this natural progression. We can relax and breath knowing that with every breath we all are evolving… everyone. The person who is harming another right now—deep, soulful wounds from the pits of forsaken depths that even the worst of the imagined just scrape the reality of… even this “monster” capable of such an act is evolving right along side you. Right along side me.

And with each breath, we’re a little closer to heaven. With each imagined moment—we live a little closer to our truth of who we are.

And who we are is miraculous. We are bright in nature. We are pure… in this moment. And the next one, too.

I am grateful to know that stumbling, bumbling—falling into walls… face down in the mud and madness of my own creation… I, too, am adapting towards my highest good—my true, pure nature.

I join you there, full of Love and Joy—admiring the purity of your nature.

We are drops falling to the ocean. We join in one, losing nothing in the process of our own elements.