The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


June 2011

Age and wisdom

This past week I had the pleasure of attending a four day quaterback / wide-receivers camp, put on by the man who fine tunes Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots.  His name is Tom Martinez, Sr. and it… Continue Reading →


Beautiful Light Beautiful Distance Coming together I am here Beautiful Light Beautiful Distance Coming together I am here Beautiful Dawn Beautiful Night Pulling apart I am here I am grateful for the avocado seed; planted in spring. Held by picks,… Continue Reading →

Rag Time Music

Tonight I was going to say how grateful I am to have a brother and friends who support me and who have helped me realize what my life purpose is; how wonderful it is to come home and have dinner… Continue Reading →

There is a positive attitude…

I am very grateful that I have friends, family and people in my life, who have taught me that a positive attitude can change the world.  It has changed mine.  I am very blessed with the things that I have… Continue Reading →


(i recommend playing Elton’s song below while reading this 🙂 ) Tonight’s yoga class had a theme… they often do—but tonight’s was meaningful and hopeful for me. It was about adapting. Our teacher (my teacher?), Michele Klink, just returned from… Continue Reading →

It is a beautiful day, in the neighborhood!

This afternoon I spoke to an old friend who I have not spoken to in a long while; we spent about an hour talking about the trials and tribulations of our jobs, laughing at the ignorance of people who get… Continue Reading →

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