ER Vanity

Posted 20 hours ago

In all honesty, I have wanted to sit down and write an update several times over the last few days. Shoot, I’ve wanted to take a shower as well. I finally have showered this morning, but only because we visited the Mission ER last night. Let me explain…

First, the back story (for those of you who don’t know). The day of March 12th, prior to Cole’s trip to the ER that night, Cole had been having a hard time shaking off the nausea and dizziness he had been experiencing the week prior. The 12th was a Saturday and because it was a wedding and funeral free day for us here at the Bent house, I was on a mission to “get some things done!” So I had Cole moving furniture, helping me purchase furniture and working on my projects which required his brawn. He really is such an obliging kid that he would move anything I asked and accompany me to any used or new furniture store of my fancy (that day). He even received a job application directly from the owner of one furniture store, as Cole helped the owner move things around to access the piece I had set my sights on and then cheerfully loaded everything up into our ’62 Mercury Meteor. At any rate, intermittently I would hear a frustrated utterance from my son regarding the fact that he couldn’t shake the dizziness and nausea. And as is customary for me (and that fact that I usually don’t take anyone to the hospital unless they shows signs of dying on the spot), I told him his symptoms were weather related. No Joke!!! I even went so far as to explain how he wasn’t used to the barometric pressure changes we often experience here in our southern pacific region, being that he had just come from Hawaii a month earlier. Seriously, if you have something that ails you, I will tell you its the weather. So it wasn’t because I am such an attentive mother that he was seen that evening in ER. It was only because he called his grandma Margie who assessed warning signs of hemorrhaging and because of Candymoto and her experience with her husband’s early life stroke. It was, however, Cole himself who thought he had a brain tumor. And it was Cole only, who requested a CAT scan while in ER that night of the 12th (I was hoping to skate out of there before 9:00p.m.). Now that is the truth and that is the back story. I now, no longer trust my ability to assess symptoms and if you stub your toe, I will tell you to get to the hospital because it may be a brain tumor!

Back story finished; moving on…
Yesterday afternoon Cole began experiencing pain in the region of the urethra. I called the home health nurse. Cole hadn’t taken the narcotic pain medication (Norco) since Friday night. His pain had been manageable with Tylenol only, until yesterday. At any rate, the pain continued to escalate even after I gave him the Norco. And last night at about 11:30 or so, Cole began vomiting. When that began, and given my history with wrong assessments and Cole’s neurologically fragile condition, I had Brian call 911. Turns out it was a kidney stone. Cole would like his private region to catch a break. Would it be proper to ask everyone to pray for my son’s privates?

The only good thing about returning to Mission Hospital is that every new person who meets us always comments on how young I look (Brian too). Whhooppeee!