My very first real rock concert was AC/DC Highway to Hell tour; Bon Scott’s last tour before leaving us much too soon.  I was in the seventh grade and went with my older brother, Greg, and some of his friends.  What a show!  I am grateful that I was able to see Bon Scott perform with Angus and the rest of the band, live.  I am grateful that my brother and I have been rockin’ out together ever since; so many legendary performances that we have enjoyed together.  Last night was another kick ass concert that we shared, Rammstein at the Oracle Arena…Kick Ass!  All of the shows that my brother and I have enjoyed together, I don’t think that I could ever picture my father enjoying them with us; except for maybe Santana, Los Lobos, The Indigo Girls and Phish at the Cal Expo in Sacramento.  I have a hard time picturing my father next to us at the L.A. Coliseum watching Living Color, Guns n Roses with the Rolling Stones.

So last night I am truly grateful that my oldest child, let me share his first real rock concert with him.  He is a huge Rammstein fan and he truly had a great time!  Like any good rocking teenager, he wore his concert shirt to school today.  I am hoping that there will be several more shows that he will allow me to enjoy with him, because there are so many bands that we enjoy together.  My genearation would not take their father to a concert, for ohh so many different reasons…but this is a new generation…and for that I am grateful!