Voilá, Cole ditches the nasal tube and the rest of us get "stached"! (RN Thad sportin' his own)

The G-tube insertion (installation rather–haha), went well. The nasal tube is now out, as you can see in the latest photo posted. Cole is having quite a great deal of pain, but is still trying to tackle it the non-narcotic route…don’t know if I influenced him any by threatening to fly the coop should he go back on the Norco. He is pretty grizzly when he is on a narcotic, so I just mentioned that I’d slip out the back and return when the dust settles; hey, at least he now knows how to get rid of me! 🙂

Cole confessed to me last night that this whole ordeal is scary. And even though Brian and I are not afraid in the least, we have no doubt that from where Cole sits, fear is a very real and present sentiment! I did remind Cole that worrying about how things go does not compliment nor hinder the situation, it just simply is a big waste of time! I also reminded him that the Lord is with him and that it is OK to be afraid, just so long as he is not paralyzed by it. For the scripture says, “stand firm upon your shaky legs…”, meaning, you can be afraid but stand firm while in the fear and trust that the Lord is giving you what you need to carry on. Your humanity causes your legs to be shaky, but your strength and help comes from the great and almighty G-d. (you know I think I could repeat and re-repeat the meaning of “stand firm…” just because it speaks volumes of how our humanity co-exists in and with the spirit of G-d; all of which is what excites me in life so I just keep repeating myself…beating a dead horse if you will).

Romans 8:31
31 What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?