Ok, so I really don’t have a Tolstoy analogy except that we are still moving between calm and crisis and so the title came to mind…

This update will be short as I am using the loaner IPad and am ridiculously slow in my touch screen typing skills! The gist of the current status:
Cole is re-cathetered, he has a urethra blockage as well as a blood clot in the general area. Back when I wrote that he was going to try for non-narcotic meds, his pain forced him back on. I was sent out to Target this p.m. to purchase an electric razor to prep Cole’s face and neck for electric probing;courtesy of Speech Therapy and part of stimulating the swallowing reflex, while Brian stayed with Cole. Then Brian got him all shaved, though he opted to keep his mustache and gotee. He had his evals today with OT, Speech, and PT. His nurse helped him shower and PT had him up on the parallel bars. His pain is not completely under control yet, but I am confident of that issue being resolved soon. Very soon in fact.

Cole was pretty tired today but still acknowledged that he will push through to take advantage of every opportunity he is provided. During the week and on Saturday visits are to be limited as he will be working hard (starting at 7:00a.m.) and in-between workouts will need his rest. Of course Brian, Esther, and I will be here intermittently but we will be hands on working with the therapy teams as they allow us to do so. Sunday is the day of rest here and a good day for short visits…Cole is pretty good about speaking up in regard to his needs!

Right now we would so love to have his catheter/bladder situation behind him. Moving forward without so many pesky irritations would be nice. We are going to pray over Cole and annoint him with oil (we’re thinkin’ 30w should do the trick), just as scripture instructs in regard to healing. We are walking in many manifested miracles with Cole, a bladder and nerve malfunction are mere chump change! If you would, just remain in constant communication with our Lord these next couple of days, that way you are sure to be here when we lube Cole up. Thanks much, over n out. (I hope auto correct served me well!) =}