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Since I took a day or so to “take it all in”, I have some recapping to do…

First, welcome to those just joining us. Second, please feel free to pass this website along to anyone interested. Third, a reminder that we are so grateful to have your love, prayers, support, suggestions, and compassion (and be prepared to be understanding and patient if we are grumpy or sharp tongued) with us in person or in spirit as we navigate some new terrain.

Cole has begun his acute rehabilitation forward march. The electrical probing, performed on Saturday by Speech Therapy, was more of a trial and error session than it was a fruitful expedition. However, today he had a barium swallow evaluation (I was fortunate to be in the room, behind the leaded glass, to see how the swallowing is working) that was very promising. The findings from that x-ray have put Cole at the level of eating liquids and nectar with a speech therapist only, for now. His swallowing really has improved a great deal. Although his throat is still very sore and being that he is still having to suction out very thick secretions, which he clears his throat to bring forth to his mouth–sorry I can hear it now “TMI, TMI”–and the fact that he has goop still coming out of his eyes, I asked the staff today to culture some of that ‘stuff’ so we can be sure we are treating it correctly, as right now his eye drop antibiotic isn’t doing the trick, and I don’t think his sore throat should still be considered the result of intubation/extubation at this point. Whew, I do believe that was a full breath, very run on sentence!

Today I witnessed Cole walking and sitting up. I also was able to be a part of his OT which really worked with him on vision. What most amazed me today was the realization that, for Cole, even just spending time holding his head in an upright position causes him to break out in a sweat. So you can imagine that when he is being asked to hold his head up, walk, or sit upright, or even engage in eye exercises, he becomes quite fatigued and really needs to rest during the breaks. And speaking for him, though much improved, is still an exercise in and of itself!

I do have an idea of the game plan past AR; however, since our first conference with the entire “TEAM COLE” takes place tomorrow morning, I will refrain from mentioning the near future plan until then.

I have so much more I would like to write, and will write (though I might have to start a “Rivka’s Philosophical Blog” in order to truly indulge myself), but there are so many loose ends in the paperwork world that need to be tied up, that I must sign off for now and return to my thoughts at a later time.

In the words of my accountant, ‘Blessed Always’…

P.s. Cole is currently a carrier of the MRSA bacteria (found in his nostril), therefore if you have a weakened immune system you should not visit at this time.