Posted 21 hours ago

I must first thank each and every one of you for helping to keep me on track! Whether you know it or not, your presence reminds me that my life is not the only life. What that means is that just you being alongside us through this present challenge, reminds me to not get engulfed in my own circumstances…as if they are the only entities present in this world. You keep me accountable! …accountable to prayer, accountable to hope, accountable to charity…accountable. I deeply thank you.

I confess I have, for about the past week, been distracted by circumstances. How droll!!! What that means of course, is that I am spending less time tapping into the resource of our strength, The Lord and His living word. Back on track I go… Now if you would, please be in prayer with us regarding the following issues:
-Wisdom in pursuing, or not pursuing, radiation.
-Executing the best possible rehabilitation options available.
-Energy and more energy so as not to just have enough for our family, but also for the lives of others.
-Patience (of course).
-The other patients and their families in AR.
-Our friends and family in mourning.
-Our friends and family battling illness.

We have training today with OT and PT, at noon. I have bills to pay before heading up there. AND, Cole has another barium swallow evaluation today at 3:30p.m. He is desperately wanting the G-tube out before Friday. He is eating his purée diet very well. You should see his PBJ–YUM YUM; it actually looks like a sophisticated dessert after the hospital kitchen staff has had their way with it. I just might be slightly jealous! 😉

I will (hopefully) check in with more details later, or when I have some more time. Bless you all, for we are certainly blessed by you.

subject to the obligation to report, explain, or justify something; responsible; answerable.