Last week I left Cole on Sunday the 17th and posted that physically his recovery was going to be along one.  I returned to Southern California on Wednesday night and spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday with Cole.  The progress that he had made from Sunday to Thursday was incredible!  I am so grateful that my sister asked for my help, that my family allowed me to leave them once again and that Cole was comfortable with me hanging out with him.  It truly was an incredible experience! 

So I need to update my feelings and thoughts as Cole’s uncle.  The goal this week for Cole and his family, is to have Cole leave the hospital and go home by Friday.  I think that this will happen.  Cole is on the take 10 steps forward and a 1/2 a step back program.  He has good and great days and then he may have a day where he wishes that he could forget.  No matter what type of day he is having, he knows what his goal is and he is determined to make it happen.

Cole is my hero and I am so grateful that I was able to watch him progress even further last week.