Greg and I started this blog, so that we could share things that we are grateful for…and lately it has all been our sister updating everyone regarding our nephew Cole Bent.  For that I am grateful.  Today I am grateful that I was able to go and visit Cole this past weekend; and now I understand so much more about his recovery situation.  It is one thing to hear that he had a major brain surgery, but until you see the results, it really hadn’t hit home for me.

      Cole is doing really, really well!  He is very sharp mentally!  He knows what is going on around him, he knows what his treatments are and when they should be happening and he knows which of the hospital staff that he likes and which ones he needs to tolerate.  He still has a sense of humor, (ie: I told him that I would get him some strippers to help with his physical therapy, he said “Just make sure they aren’t wearing nurses uniforms, because that would be an instant turn-off”).  Pysically, I now realize is going to be a long, long road to recovery.  It is like watching someone who has had a major stroke, and that is what it is.  I have no doubt that Cole will be back to a normal function, (the old Cole), but I can’t say that he is going to bounce back.  It will be one painful step at a time; and Cole is more than willing to endure that pain, to take that step.  Especially if it leads him away from the hospital and the staff that won’t let him sleep on Sunday, his one day of rest.  I can’t wait to see him again, just so that I can see how much progress he has made.