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April 2011

Staying on track…with Life! Rivka’s latest…

Accountable Posted 21 hours ago I must first thank each and every one of you for helping to keep me on track! Whether you know it or not, your presence reminds me that my life is not the only life…. Continue Reading →

Back at it!

Last week I left Cole on Sunday the 17th and posted that physically his recovery was going to be along one.  I returned to Southern California on Wednesday night and spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday with Cole.  The progress that… Continue Reading →

Back to Mom….

Vegas Style Posted 8 hours ago Cole has had two consecutive nights of rest and two consecutive days of an amazing nurse…what a difference sleep and excellent care can make! Yesterday morning we had our weekly ‘team conference’. Cole didn’t… Continue Reading →

Vegas Style (Cole update from his Mom)

(I was ready to stop the updates regarding Cole via this blog – this post is too good to stop… so… – greg) Cole has had two consecutive nights of rest and two consecutive days of an amazing nurse…what a… Continue Reading →

An Uncle’s perspective…

Greg and I started this blog, so that we could share things that we are grateful for…and lately it has all been our sister updating everyone regarding our nephew Cole Bent.  For that I am grateful.  Today I am grateful… Continue Reading →

Epoch (cole update from his Mom)

This is a brief update but it is so exciting I couldn’t wait–and the way my mind is fluctuating from on to off I couldn’t risk forgetting the news… First, I spoke to Cole on the phone today. I called… Continue Reading →

The indomitable spirit (cole update from his mom)

pa·tience –noun 1. the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like. …oops, I think I failed the very first requisite of the quality. I often… Continue Reading →

The real life (cole update from his mom)

(from the website: Since I took a day or so to “take it all in”, I have some recapping to do… First, welcome to those just joining us. Second, please feel free to pass this website along to anyone… Continue Reading →

War and peace (cole update from his mom)

Ok, so I really don’t have a Tolstoy analogy except that we are still moving between calm and crisis and so the title came to mind… This update will be short as I am using the loaner IPad and am… Continue Reading →

The stroke of midnight (cole update from his Mom)

Today was a hard day for me. It was a hard day for Cole. I don’t know what Brian would say about it because we seem to be tag teaming with the hard days…I have one and he is strong,… Continue Reading →

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