Whew…we all made it through the day!!! Thank you for the emails and notes with experienced insight. Thank you for the messages of encouragement, prayer, and scripture. Thank you for cheer-leading us on!

Brian and I regrouped at home today for about an hour. We threw things (well he did, I wanted to but didn’t), and we cried, and we got our act together (at least until the scene change). We are tag teaming…Cole responds very well to Brian’s physical therapy techniques, so Brian will continue to help Cole physically during the day. Cole responds well to my comforting presence in the morning and during the night so that is my duty for now. In addition, Cole has been blessed (as we all have) to have my Clinical Nurse Specialist mother watching over the whole situation and keeping her eye on every aspect of his health, while Esther brings her sweet joy to his bedside and holds his hand, which reminds him of her love.

As far as an answer to the down turn this morning, there is none. As we are learning, brain trauma is a tricky thing (most of you seem to know more about this than I). And while we started the day off living in a place of serious concern, we have finished the night once again hopeful, encouraged, and with a more broad understanding of this type of healing process. …I feel like we are playing a video game, having to shoot down fear constantly!

Tomorrow is a new day so I hope to be able to report some stepping forward action. Cole did throw up tonight (like he needed something else physically to deal with) so we are hoping he didn’t aspirate anything as well as hoping it was an isolated occurrence. His nurse this evening was with him the night before surgery. He really connected with her then as she patiently and thoroughly explained everything to him that she could. Her attitude for his recovery is so positive and encouraging and just exactly the right medicine for him this evening.

You know, I write my gratitude to all of you in these updates as often as I can, but tonight I realized how truly we are being carried by your love and prayers…it is like we are traveling down stream in very trepidatious rapids and we are making it because our raft is constructed out of an unbreakable love. God’s hands are definitely upon us, and upon Cole and we feel them so tangibly through all of you. It is overwhelmingly wonderful!

P.s. If you come to visit, please feel free to be as absurd as you like (with us in the waiting room)! Don’t ask how I’m doing just tell me my hair is beautiful! hahaha

With an abundance of love and gratitude, Rivka

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