Cole had a real rough night. He was extubated but had to be rigorously encouraged to cough up secretions/mucous, as well as move his body, as well as take slow and effective inhales and exhales, all while experiencing pain and stiffening in his neck and sheer exhaustion. He made it through though and his numbers (oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure, and brain fluid drain) are looking good.

He did not want me to leave his side last night as I am on board now as part of the “suction team” to help get the mucous out of his mouth (believe it or not, Brian is too!), and also for assurance of someone who loves him by his side. Well at about 1:30a.m. I decided to lay down on the couch next to him to try to get some sleep. I told him if he needed me to yell “mom” real loud (nerve 7 is still affected but we can make out most of what he says). Well I guess at some point the nurse heard him yelling, “somebody, anybody” and she came in to ask what he needed and he said, “I don’t know.” Apparently I slept through it all…great advocate right?! I was obviously wiped out to sleep through the pleas of my distressed son! I am probably going home today for a few hours to get a bit of shut eye… my mom and/or Brian will be by his side.

Cole did share with us last night, post extubation, that he thought he was dying because he was still on the respirator. He thought that his brain suffered such damage that he wouldn’t be able to make it on his own. You can imagine how happy, eager, and enthusiastic we were to tell him otherwise.

He has got to be one of the bravest people I know. I have decided that in the future if our world becomes a place where survival skills are essential, I will follow Cole and be under his tutelage! This kid has skills!!!

Blessings to you all who are white knuckling alongside us; may you be blessed today with a full and productive breath of your own as you, along with us, rest for a bit in the knowledge of “good numbers”.

P.S. prayer for strength for me and wisdom in dealing with the VA and pray for nerves 6 and 7 to once again become functioning. thanks.