The Owl Who Lost Its Friends
Words & Picture by Bodhi (age 5)

One summer morning a spotted owl woke up very early to go get its friends. When it went to the first house the owl who lived there was still asleep. Then it went back home to get all its sticks that it had. It went back to the first house it was at before but when it got there the owl was gone! Then it went to all the other houses but all the owls were gone. It went searching through all the forests until it came to the darkest forest that it never went inside. Quickly it rushed back home and got its backpack, and all its food, and sleeping bag. Again it went searching. When it got back to the deepest forest it didn’t stop to sleep, it kept on traveling. When it got to the end of the forest it saw shadows, and another forest. At the end of this forest the owl found all the other owls with backpacks, food, sleeping bags and tents. And they all went back home.