Cole is still breathing well on his own, with an oxygen mask. Brian really worked with him all day today, bending his legs and encouraging productive coughs and breaths while I went home for a few hours and took a nap in the sun…sleep does wonders! I returned this evening right before the change of the guard.

Cole is having some weird pain issues in his legs and he had an episode today when he was being turned that was painful and scary for him. When I arrived to the hospital tonight he was not happy with his nurse and protested her care. She was new for us today, so anyone who has spent more than a few days in the hospital knows that a new nurse can sometimes be a blessing and sometimes a hindrance. Today hindrance visited Cole. However, the shift change did occur and he is back on board with his lovely evening angel. (Although he still wants only me to do anything intrusive at this point, which is working fine since the nurse and I have developed a good rapport and we tag team well together.)

Cole is very aware of his situation and is refusing sedation to help anxiety because he does not want to compromise his progress. He acknowledges his pain and yet is refusing morphine as long as he is able to rest without it. He is committed to healing in a forward motion progression!

A prayer of thanksgiving:
Thank you Lord for the blessing of Cole’s care. Thank you for bringing him out of Afghanistan early. Thank you for severing his tie from the Marine Corps in time for surgical intervention. Thank you for allowing him to be home, surrounded by his family and many friends. Thank you for this miraculous and successful surgery. Thank you Cole is healing.


p.s. oh yeah, if you don’t know already, I will tell you now…your messages are of great comfort to me!!! After a long, arduous day, when Cole is finally resting peacefully, I sit down next to him to write the ‘end of the day’ update. Then, I take time to read all of the comments…it is a peaceful and comforting time for me. I thank you with sincere gratitude. Much love, Rivka

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