I realize I have now gone two days in succession where I have not given an update during the day. I apologize.

Oh man, where to begin? Today was so full of wonderment and goodness that I don’t know which to tell first…

The day began again with super dad, aka Brian the physical therapist. Although Cole seemed tired when Brian arrived, they worked hard together for about an hour and a half. Then the Speech Pathologist came in and worked with Cole on swallowing. He swallowed and swallowed (he is hoping for a cup of coffee real soon). I was laughing today because the therapist encouraged Cole to swallow often throughout the day, and after she said that, I remembered it was Swallows Day Festival in San Juan Capistrano today. Ok, it was funnier here in the room, I guess you call it ‘ICU humor’. If you don’t get it, be thankful! Then the hospital Physical Therapy team came in and worked with Cole’s neck, upper body, and eyes. Last, Respiratory gave him a gizmo to exercise his lungs.

Oh I have so much to say tonight but I have hit a wall. I am very tired so I will tell of the many wonders tomorrow. I can hardly wait to share!

P.s. I have never had a happier Swallows Day. XO