Good morning.

The Cole Attitude in Full Effect!

Our family just met with Cole’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Kim. I was supposed to look up the 12 nerves of the brain, which I failed to do, so he proceeded to explain the nerves and their functions. Right now, he is most concerned about nerves 6 and 7 (you all, except cousin Richard who already knows, can look them up if you want). I actually have full color photos from the surgery and have a beautiful view of Cole’s 11th nerve, the Cranial Accessory. I do believe Dr. Kim said the tumor sat right on the 6th nerve. I wish I could remember the name of the portion of the brain stem where the tumor sat so I could share that info with you, but I am a little bit brain dead myself and find that currently Cole is passing more of the physical neurological exams than I am able to do! At any rate, Dr. Kim is positive and hopeful. And again, we will know more after Cole is extubated and healing continues.

We are still waiting for extubation, but that is normal as they have to do parameters before deciding if today is the day. We haven’t heard about this morning’s chest xray so we are just doing what we do…wait.

Dr. Kim did say Cole will more than likely be in ICU for this next week as well. Oh, and he is not concerned about hydrocephalus (laymans: fluid build up on the brain) because his drain is functioning very well.

More to come later, hopefully I will have quotes to offer directly from Cole.