Cole practicing his neurological tests for the doctor - and giving an opinion of the whole experience.

Cole was more at peace today. He was weaned off of the sedative and was able to breath on his own (the machine is turned down) for three hours straight. His chest xray is looking good and his oxygen levels are where they should be…all systems ago for extubation in the morning.

Additionally, he has been practicing the neurological tests that his doctors perform on him every time they make rounds. He has been trying to move his eyes back and forth (not happening yet, but he keeps trying). He has been showing one and two fingers and he has been giving his best effort with deep inhales and exhales. Cole is definitely remembering his goals for recuperation and sticking to them the best he can. He is so brave, and we are so proud of him. His Marine training is definitely evident.

Now here we are toward the end of the night and he is the most anxious I’ve seen him all day. He is breathing with the machine and he is sedated a little bit more, but he wont close his eyes to sleep. Yet my sister has just crashed on this couch next to me with no problem, legs hanging off and all. Cole gave me a gift today, he asked for me constantly. What a blessing to be by his side and to have him by mine!

I hope to pass along some very good news tomorrow.

Goodnight room, goodnight moon, goodnight…