Cole Bent... off for some Spring Sunshine

Yes folks, Cole was allowed to breathe the outside air. We had a weather shift, just today, and the air was warm, the skies blue, and the sun shone brightly. Not only was he given a wheelchair ride to the great outdoors (our third floor patio), but he walked about 5 steps forward with a walker (and the support of two handy dandy physical therapists). We were all present for this forward move so you can imagine the hootin’ and hollerin’ going on in this SICU-bed 3 room. Then while we were hanging out on the patio for a few minutes, Auntie Erin and Pastor Dave showed up, so they were able to enjoy this momentous moment with us. Heck, we thought we were at a party! After about 10 minutes outside Cole was tired and he came back to his bed. Brian, Esther, Erin, and I then headed downstairs for lunch after which I went home to pay bills (something I was supposed to have accomplished yesterday but took a nap in the sun instead) and Brian followed up with Cole doing more physical therapy, breath, annunciation, and swallow therapy. Then Brian had to leave for a bit and Esther stayed with Cole until she was relieved by our friend John. Cole got some episodes of ‘Family Guy’ in while John was on duty and enjoyed visiting with a few of his friends.

I wish you all could be here every day to experience this rapid pace of healing. It really blows me away because typically when one is immersed in a situation it becomes difficult to see the day to day progress. Yet I am completely hands on and still able to notice even the smallest forward motion. For example, this morning when Cole and I woke up, he immediately articulated more clearly than the previous day. It was like magic…Cole sleeps then wakes to improved speech–ALACAZAM! I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Now I realize I have yet to address the future course. That is purposeful and with intent. First, Cole has only recently made it out of the woods, future cannot be discussed until the trees have been cleared! Second, being that he is still in ICU we have the understanding that his immediate stability is still being addressed. Third, it doesn’t make sense to worry anyone with details that might possibly not come to pass. I refuse to think and act like the news reporters of today where the possibility of the tragedy sells. Not selling anything here, so I’ll stick to the progress at hand and dole out the rest as it comes.

It is late and Cole is struggling with his own suctioning right at this moment. I am not offering to help him, as my role has changed within the last 24 hours. I used to be suction crew, now I’m back up support. …he just got the job done himself!! Bravo Cole, bravo.

Besos y abrazos a todos, Rivka

P.s. Sra. Fier, sus mensajes y experiencias me ayudan mucho. Mil gracias.