Tonight, I get off easy – because my little sister posted on a different site an update of her son’s recovery from brain surgery. And her post is real gratitude.

So in reverence to her, I submit the following:

Cole breathing on his own

Today I forgot for a moment that Cole had brain surgery. Seems impossible to do, given why we are here, but somehow I had my focus on his intubation and allowed myself to think that once the tube was out (extubated) we would be on a fast track to recovery. Not quite the way it goes when one has a good size tumor removed from the area of the cerebellum and the brain stem…the areas which control the major functions, such as breathing, seeing, talking, eating, walking, etc. Though Cole was breathing on his own, his lethargic gaze was daunting for me and the neurosurgeon. In fact, he ordered another CAT scan to make sure everything was ok. CAT scan was fine, but I was not. I was afraid and so I needed to leave to take a walk at the beach to spend some time with G-d outside of the hospital. It was a good choice, for I am reminded that our family does not dwell in a place of fear. We dwell in faith and hope. Regardless of how fast or how slow Cole’s recovery is going to be, or whether he walks or needs assistance, or anything else, we are all going to be fine. We are surrounded by so much love, so many miracles, and an awesome Heavenly father. Cole is going to be fine…no matter what.

Right now, he is suffering the ramifications from being a smoker. The mucus in his lungs is too sticky and he hasn’t been able to cough it up. This could lead to him being intubated once again. He is also pretty out of it. He did speak to his nurse briefly; when she asked him to cough, he replied with a groggely voice, “I can’t.” So for the record, we have speach and breathing. Words cannot describe our gratitude for your love and support and especially, prayers.

Please keep them coming! That’s all for now, Rivka