Today I am grateful for Hope.

It is always there… waiting, calmly, quietly. Its nature is consistent—and in its consistency is the quiet. For that which is eternal needs not defend itself.

When I’ve flailed and thrown myself against my walls, and finally exhaust my energy in chaotic fears and negative thoughts I’ve vested in—my exhaustion gives space for Hope; for I am quiet—and now can listen.

Hope uplifts. Hope blesses… everything and everybody. It only can.

I am grateful for a wonderful evening of Harmony last night, with my chosen partner, in which we found hope.

And I am grateful for the dream, which gently cautions that my work is not done.

Mortally, I am hopeful—hedging my “bet” on myself… not willing to surrender completely to the knowing of perfection in everything.

I am looking out at a bright future, teetering joyfully on a windswept cliff as foam and sea crash up against stone walls far below—filling the air with thundering percussion and mist. The sky is brilliant in its symphony of color…

It is 11:22PM – I’m wearing sunglasses. It’s bright outside…