Sorry to have not given an update earlier in the day. I was so pleased with my last nights entry that I wanted everyone to stew on it a while…hahahahahahaha, not really. Truth is, Cole and I didn’t get much sleep last night so I was very tired today.

Today was wonderful because Cole had some major accomplishments. Brian really works well with Cole (and vice versa). They started off the day with Cole working his legs and arms in resistance type exercises. In addition, he worked with Cole on his speech by having him repeat the days of the week and the months of the year. As Brian listed them off, Cole would repeat them until Brian, in full dyslexic form, omitted October. Brian: “August, September, November…”

Cole: “August, September, October, November…”

All the while I watched, while lying down on the sofa, in awe and wonderment of this father and son interaction. Brian is such a good cheerleader/encourager of Cole and to Cole. I lie there watching and wishing I had, had a video recorder so that I might more fully share the moment with everyone. However, since I did not have video capabilities, I resolved to embed the scene within my mind so that I could adequately reiterate it here.

After Brian’s workout in comes the hospital Physical Therapy team. Mind you, Cole did not have much rest the night prior. Even so, they sat him up and he held himself in the sitting position, legs off the side of the bed, for about a minute. PT then stood him up and he was on his legs for a few seconds (not on his own, but standing just the same). Then his Pulmonologist came in and said Cole’s chest xray showed improvement and Cole’s sputum culture came back showing he needed a different antibiotic than they had been giving him and with the switch to the new one, we could expect a much faster improvement henceforth in the lungs. Additionally, as a result of the aforementioned improvements and changes, Cole would not require the bronchoscopy they had intended to perform. “YeeeHaaawww”

Later in the afternoon Cole was gifted with the movement of his excretory system, which had been holding a stalemate for the last 14 days! …we can all imagine his relief! Thus when I returned from my afternoon respite, Cole seemed to have improved twofold; no threefold!

His speech was definitely more recognizable and his spirits were lightened. When I apologized for not bringing the Ipod, he asked for his phone because it doubles as an MP3 player. He then proceeded to navigate through his phone, one handed, to get to his music. He sang along to Sublime which really helped to open his airways, cough productively, and stimulate the facial and mouth muscles in a way he hadn’t been able to do prior to today.

And just when I think I have given you all of the good news, I am reminded that the day began with the blessing of a very manly, very positive, very attentive, and very wonderful male nurse who really encourages Cole by treating him with respect and dignity and who carries on in his work with a joy for what he does…not to mention he rocked out with Cole and I to Sublime!

After the evening shift change, Brian read Cole some scriptures and left for the night. I am here and still on board as part of the nighttime suction team crew. While I was helping Cole out, just before sitting down to write this, he asked me, “Is it 2010?” I told him no that it is 2011. He asked, “Are you sure?” to which I answered, “Yes, it is March 25, 2011. You have only been in the hospital two weeks. We came on March 12th. Do you remember coming to the ER with me?” …and our conversation continued with me reminding him of the specifics of the why, the how, and the now. We finished off with me reminding him of what he said to Dr. Kim, the neurosurgeon, just minutes before being wheeled into the operating room:
“I am completely at peace. I have every confidence in your ability and I am ready to get this thing out. This is just a bump in the road and then I will get on with living. I want to live.”

While typing this evenings update Cole is calmly aware of his fatigue. He asked to be repositioned, and tonight, for the first time post surgery, he said, “thank you” to the nurse. I wasn’t sure what today would bring. Cole began with his right pupil dilated. He began with his spirits low and in need of encouragement. And perhaps he began not knowing why he is here. However, he now lies sleeping, in his new position, with an evening nurse who is interested in allowing him rest.

A very good day indeed. Jehovah jireh, our Lord sees. Blessed be the name of the Lord…