Brian (Cole's father), Suzanne, Lauren, Rivka (Cole's mom), and Esther (Cole's sister)

Today is going to be a good day…at least at this moment! Cole decided this morning that he didn’t need his NG tube anymore, nor his oxygen mask, nor his O2 monitor, nor the BP cuff. Gone! That is how Dr. Kim and I found him this morning as we both walked in to the room at 8:00a.m. (post the shift change) and the Foley catheter was in hand and next on Cole’s list to remove. Dr. Kim was so encouraged by all of Cole’s “action” that he decided he would remove the brain drain (ventriculostomy) so Cole could start working on getting up.

We are seeing improvements, neurologically, from yesterdays decline but again, we are at the place of understanding that tomorrow we might not! Nerves 6 and 7 are still not functioning.

A huge blessing has happened for us today regarding a scenario I have not discussed here on this board. We had the VA pushing for Cole to be moved to their Long Beach Hospital of which does not have a neurological department and the other VA options are far from us, San Diego and West LA. Dr. Kim mentioned to me this morning that if Cole has TriCare insurance (his Marine Corps benefits) he is a TriCare provider and this hospital is a TriCare hospital. Cole is still under TriCare…HALLLELLLUUUJJJJAHHHH

Another blessing shout out to Brian’s work, Power Balance, who has allowed him to be here at the hospital without any thought of work and who is a back up health insurance plan. (Brian’s boss/friend was just here and reminded us of that fact). A triple HALLLELLUJAH!!!!

More to come…it is a good day!