Good morning,

A couple of mysteries were solved for us this morning; I have been mentioning that Cole is pretty tuckered out come morning. Well so am I which is why my brain is not functioning to its fullest potential! Thankfully, even with all Cole is going through physically, he is amazingly alert mentally. So this morning he asked, “Was I given Morphine last night?” I honestly didn’t know. Cole then proceeded to tell me he wanted the drug out of the room! They had it set up so the nurses could push the button on an as needed basis. Yesterday Cole asked for Tylenol, but did not want Morphine. He doesn’t want to be out of it, so I know he did not request it in the night. I believe his nurse was more interested in Cole resting than Cole was. I know it was with good intentions, because Respiratory was giving Cole Albuterol treatments throughout the night and that medicine is a stimulant so sleep was difficult to achieve for Cole with the agitation present from the meds. Thus I’m convinced the button was pushed with his needing rest in mind. But Cole is not at all interested in having the lethargy that comes from Morphine so the doctor said he would switch the orders today. Doesn’t that just amaze you?! I mean only a few days ago we had a dear in the headlights for a son, and today he is making definitive choices regarding his care. I think it is so cool.

The other mystery solved is our visitor who signs in using Cole Bent. Thank you Rhonda and Gai for clearing that one up. You can imagine our surprise when we saw ‘Cole Bent’ had checked updates! …I love it!!! and glad to hear your Barb is on progress road as well.

Well yesterday the Rambo Cole stepped in! He has been working his deficiencies with a determination to take up his bed and walk! I have not experienced this type of exuberance in a patient before (probably because they were older and more set in their ways). It is so enthusiastically wonderful to witness. If the doctor said, “practice moving your tongue around” Cole would practice every opportunity he could. Same with the swallowing. Same with the hand/eye coordination. And wow, how he put such effort into articulation. If he mumbled a sound, he would repeat it with a concentrated effort. He has moved from answering questions with a “yeah, nah” to a definitive, “yes, no”. Just this morning while he was waiting for the RN to come back to the room, I heard Cole going through the alphabet. Then he said he thinks he needs glasses because his vision is not all there yet. But shortly after making that statement, I caught him using his hands to work out his peripheral vision. Mind you, this is Cole groggy from having been given the Morphine! …truly amazing, truly a blessing.

Cole’s nurse today is another strapping man (not the one from the other day). He is already a good influence. Cole’s ICU room has a nice wall of windows which face Saddleback mountain. However, Cole has been turned facing the door and hallway; until today. His nurse turned his bed around, and moved all the equipment so as to accommodate Cole the ability to look outside. But of course irony is always hot on our trail, hiding the mountain in a misty fog. But there are clouds and trees and the hope of the outside world now in Cole’s view. The nurse also used the hospital computer to play ‘Pandora Radio’. Cole chose the classic punk station and fell asleep to a 1970’s Blondie tune. He just woke up to the Adolescents (whom he likes) and asked to have the music turned off. He is tired and the music wakes him up. He just said again, “no more medicine”, meaning Morphine. …got it Cole, roger that!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been wanting to say something for a couple of days now, but didn’t want to speak too soon as the one step forward would often take a turn backward, yet I do feel it is time to say it now, “we are finally stepping out of the woods.” Cole is presently scratching his cheek. Do you know what that means? He can feel an itch!!! He just removed his nasal oxygen cannula and when I asked him if he wants me to help move it, he said “no. let me try.” He is trying, and I am learning so much.