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March 2011

Out with the old (Cole Update from his Mom)

Today Cole did a lot of sharing (in addition to his physical therapy routine). Oh but wait, I am getting ahead of myself and the day… So as you know from my ‘mini post’, Cole was getting ready to take… Continue Reading →

Beautiful southern Cal (Cole Update from Rivka)

Yes folks, Cole was allowed to breathe the outside air. We had a weather shift, just today, and the air was warm, the skies blue, and the sun shone brightly. Not only was he given a wheelchair ride to the… Continue Reading →

You have no idea!!!! (Cole Update from him Mom, Rivka)

My title merely refers to the montage of thoughts, feelings, emotions, gripes, and suggestions I have been perusing in my mind this afternoon in anticipation of writing a new post. All I can say is, “Thank the Lord he is… Continue Reading →

shut eye (Cole Update)

Cole is actually getting some real shut eye at this very moment. I have not seen him this relaxed since checking in. Of course I had to shoo RT away again tonight. She came in to administer a breathing treatment… Continue Reading →

221B Baker Street, London (Cole Update)

Good morning, A couple of mysteries were solved for us this morning; I have been mentioning that Cole is pretty tuckered out come morning. Well so am I which is why my brain is not functioning to its fullest potential!… Continue Reading →

Swallows Day (Cole Update)

I realize I have now gone two days in succession where I have not given an update during the day. I apologize. Oh man, where to begin? Today was so full of wonderment and goodness that I don’t know which… Continue Reading →

A Hallellujah and an Amen (Cole Update)

Sorry to have not given an update earlier in the day. I was so pleased with my last nights entry that I wanted everyone to stew on it a while…hahahahahahaha, not really. Truth is, Cole and I didn’t get much… Continue Reading →

(Cole Update)

Sometimes I sit here with the computer in my lap thinking for probably far too long on a title to start out the newest update. There is a space for me to enter a title, but sometimes a title just… Continue Reading →

24 hour difference (Cole Update)

Today is going to be a good day…at least at this moment! Cole decided this morning that he didn’t need his NG tube anymore, nor his oxygen mask, nor his O2 monitor, nor the BP cuff. Gone! That is how… Continue Reading →

What day is it? (Cole Update)

Whew…we all made it through the day!!! Thank you for the emails and notes with experienced insight. Thank you for the messages of encouragement, prayer, and scripture. Thank you for cheer-leading us on! Brian and I regrouped at home today… Continue Reading →

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