Tonight I am grateful for a wonderful walk in the rain with Liz.

She wanted to walk one of our normal routes, which cuts through the woods up to the ridge above Mill Valley.

It was muddy and slippery a couple of days ago when we did it on a sunny day. This evening, with the sun setting and a steady rain—it was dark, wet and woody! There was a point we walked in silence; listening to the rain against leaf, limb and gore-tex. Unseen eddies, now swollen to streams, at times thundered and plundered the paths upon which we trod—at one point government warning cones marked where the path once was.

Soaking wet and feeling much better then I had been feeling today, we arrived home… and the feeling of climbing out of the wet cloths and putting on my jammies… It was all good. happy days

I highly recommend walks in the wild when it is raining.