Today I am grateful that last night I was heard. That means a lot.

To unleash the hidden emotions and storms I keep at bay from the safety of social port. People who don’t harbor such emotion and thought, who let them out without consciousness of other ships nearby, soon find themselves drifting without rudder or keel… aimlessly meandering about in their personal storm—having exhausted all ports of harbor with folly and foolishness.

They, the captain of their ship, have only themselves to look to as responsible party to the state of their journey… yet they’ll flail at the heavens above and waves below for the course they find themselves in.

And I say this knowing that I too am capable of such folly. I have been, and perhaps will be again, close to the rocks of my imaginings, that I would dash my vessel against; forsaking the safety of harbors offered.

To be in a safe place, like I was last night… to open the gates of my mind to another in perfect trust. Knowing they are safe; I am safe – nothing I say or do will change that. Therefore, I let it all out—pouring forth, torrential at times… quiet and calm at others.

There is freedom in self-discipline and personal responsibility. Last night could have gone on for a long time…