…when you are not strong.  Great lyrics from a great song.  So today I am grateful for friendship.  All of my friends, present, past and future.  Our friends are family and if you are lucky, your family is your friends.  Think of all of the things that friendship has taught us…if you think you have problems, ask one of your close friends about their troubles; and really listen, you may have a solution for them.  My true friends have called Bullshit on me many times and forced me to face reality, so today I am me.  I often say that I have created myself in my own image, but I have had a lot of help from my friends in forming this creation.  It is a rare treat to be able to pick up the phone and dump your problems onto someone’s shoulders; and to have them listen and help you try to solve them, even rarer.  An even bigger treat is when someone calls you and begins to dump on you, the trust that is bestowed upon you, WOW!

So today I am grateful that I have so many true friends, ones that continue to help me create my image.  I love you all.

“You say you havin girl problems, I feel bad for you son.  I have 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one…hit me”