Today, what has come to mind for me to be grateful for is… the Spirit of childhood; children.

My own children continuously bring me joy (amongst other things)… today, for instance, I do not think I was in top form—not the responsible working adult I should be. My joyful memories of today involve playing with Robyn, Jonah & Bodhi. I am glad that I completed the work I did today, dragging my ass to the grindstone finally—which is why I am posting at 11PM in the evening. But “play”! It is what I am seeking for more and more in life… it has come up frequently in my intimate conversations with my partner. I am seeking it more and more as a daily mantra.

I’ve heard so often in interviews from people I admire, that their life is filled with play. Their accomplishments came about without a sense of “work”, instead being imbibed with the spirit of play.

Tonight, my dear brother and sister are enjoying a Prince concert—another being I admire that seems to have a firm grasp on the quality of good (God?) play! I am happy for them… and looking forward to hearing the joyful reports from them about the show. Maybe I’ll go—Wednesday. That night he plays…

I shall play
And every day
I shall chant and say
“Hard times, stay away”
I shall swing
And I shall fall
And laugh with it all
I’m on my way
Come on, let’s play