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February 2011

Life in general

So this morning I look around my house and where I live, while my family sleeps and I realize that I am a very fortunate person.  I have a very good life.  Even with some of the troubles that currently… Continue Reading →

Walkin’, Walkin’… in the rain

Tonight I am grateful for a wonderful walk in the rain with Liz. She wanted to walk one of our normal routes, which cuts through the woods up to the ridge above Mill Valley. It was muddy and slippery a… Continue Reading →

Children’s Eyes

Today, what has come to mind for me to be grateful for is… the Spirit of childhood; children. My own children continuously bring me joy (amongst other things)… today, for instance, I do not think I was in top form—not… Continue Reading →

….add on

So to add onto my brother’s last post.. I also am Grateful for the life of Gunther Katz.  I am grateful for all of the memories that I have of him as one of my father figures.  I had the privilege… Continue Reading →

let it rain

What a week it has been; I’m writing this on Tuesday because I’ll be out all day Wednesday. Yesterday, I transferred to ER in more pain then I ever knew could exist. Turns out to be a kidney stone—and for… Continue Reading →

Lean on Me…

…when you are not strong.  Great lyrics from a great song.  So today I am grateful for friendship.  All of my friends, present, past and future.  Our friends are family and if you are lucky, your family is your friends. … Continue Reading →

Blue Skies

Today, i am grateful for my friend that came to meet me for a lunch meeting and insisted that I walk to the cafe. It is a gorgeous day; blue skies with out a cloud… cherry blossoms; valentine pink highlighted… Continue Reading →

Cole is coming home!

So I won’t be totally grateful until I hear from my younger sister, that he is in the car with her, but right now I am so very grateful that my nephew has been discharged from the Marine Corp and… Continue Reading →

To Be Heard, To Be Understood

Today I am grateful that last night I was heard. That means a lot. To unleash the hidden emotions and storms I keep at bay from the safety of social port. People who don’t harbor such emotion and thought, who… Continue Reading →

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