This past weekend I attended a High School reunion for the 1980’s decade at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley; my wife accompanied me.  The Claremont is like stepping back into history, an older majestic building, you can just imagine walking down the halls with the California elite from the early 1900’s.  The event attendence was less than I expected (maybe because it was on New Year’s Eve), but it was nice; it allowed more indepth conversation with the people that did attend.   So I am grateful for the ladies that organized the event, they did a wonderful job.

The rest of the weekend I pretended to help with some chores around the house, when what I really did was lounge and watch football all weekend.  It was a very relaxing weekend, with out too many worries, and not much stress.

So what I am truly grateful for this day and this past weekend is that my wife let me be who I am, not saying too much when I would leave her at our table to go talk with an old friend at the reunion; or when I left the room completely several times to talk with my sercurity company and employees, when someone tried breaking into the warehouse again that night.  She did’t even rant when I tipped the valet at the Claremont a twenty, (it was all I had  and well it was New Year’s); she let me watch football and be lazy the rest of the weekend.  So I am truly grateful for the love that I share with Jennifer, my wife.